AndroidPIT editors' reactions to the Google I/O keynote

AndroidPIT editors' reactions to the Google I/O keynote

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Google I/O 2017 kicked off with a bang. There were a lot of new ideas discussed, like machine learning and artificial intelligence. When all was said and done, there were a variety of opinions and reactions in our editorial office to the keynote presentation, so we’ve gathered up what some of our AndroidPIT editors thought of it here.

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Eric Herrmann
As a nerd, I’m most thrilled to see that Google is pushing for neural networks. Enhancing the capabilities a device without being connected means that I can finally cut the umbilical cord that is still needed for everyday things like voice recognition or image tagging. TensorFlow seems to promise that smart devices will actually be smart and not just wifi-enabled sensor-hubs connected to a smart, data collecting supercomputer.
Hans-Georg Kluge
Google announced some very interesting features for Android. I really like the idea of more optimized apps and that users get more speed just by updates of the OS, which is somewhat ironic, because Android updates are probably more rare than app updates. Nevertheless, I found more important things in this keynote. It’s not about the tech but about the effects it has. All criticism aside on YouTube and its sometimes mean commenters, I found Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s words quite true. Organizations and projects like e-NABLE are made possible through collaboration on a global scale, and by passionate people who want to help each other find their place via tech. Technology can bring people together and help to shape the world.
Susan Wojcicki presenting / © Screenshots: ANDROIDPIT
Shu On Kwok
Google is pulling together the loose

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