Google Maps v9.53 brings back a setting for transit notifications and prepares...

Google Maps v9.53 brings back a setting for transit notifications and prepares for better-informed commutes [APK Teardown + Download]

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An update to Google Maps began rolling out over the weekend and this one appears to be focused on keeping people in the know on their commutes. This version brings back a toggle to control notifications about delays and interruptions at mass transit stations, and this time it might be here to stay. A teardown also shows we’ll soon have traffic notifications for the commute between home and work and that more modes of travel will be respected besides just driving and mass transit.

What’s New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)
Toggle for mass transit station information notifications (again?)

Return of mass transit station notifications

Users of Google Maps may recall a toggle was added to v9.49 a couple of months ago that gave users a choice about receiving notifications regarding mass transit stations. This was based on work that first appeared in a teardown last year in June, but there had been some changes in the meantime. Perhaps this happened earlier than intended and was was removed shortly afterward. It’s back with v9.53 and could be here to stay.
On the surface, nothing special has changed from the last time the toggle was added, and there have been similar settings even before that, but some new text seen through a teardown does suggest this implementation is a little more likely to be final. Along with the basic notification title and summary, there are also a few lines that go with the notifications.

Station informationGet departures and disruptions for nearby stationsTransit Station
More departures and alertsNo departures within the next hourfrom Platform %s · %sNext: %s

Where things get a little more detailed is a new prompt that allows users to block notifications for stations that they don’t need. In the previous teardown, individual lines – say for busses and subways – could be ignored, but this

Article originally published at: Android Police