Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, a solid spin-off that revolves around an often...

[Hands-on] Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, a solid spin-off that revolves around an often forgotten about Pokémon

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I have to admit, Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is not what I expected when I first heard about this title. I had figured it would be a cash grab taking advantage of the Pokémon name, but in all actuality, it is an interesting casual game that just about anyone can enjoy.

The premise starts out simple enough. Mayor Karp of Hoppy Town gives you a fishing pole, which is then used to catch your first Pokémon, a Magikarp. Once a Magikarp is in your possession, Mayor Karp slowly introduces you to the mechanics of the gameplay.
Your first task is to feed your newly found Magikarp. You do this by storing it in a large tank that has an assortment of floating food. Simply tapping on this food as it floats by will allow you to eat it. An action that will level up your Magikarp. Once you have eaten everything in the tank, you are then shown how to train for battle. There will only be one training mode at the beginning of the game, but more can be unlocked once you progress a little bit further. You can expect all of these training modes to consist of simple mini-games where you tap on the screen. While there is very little actual strategy to these modes, it can still be fun watching your fish flop around furiously. Once you have sufficiently leveled up through feeding and training, it’s now time to start a battle.

Battles work by making your way through particular leagues. The first is titled Friend League, and it only has 5 fights available. Each and every fight you join will see you go head to head against another Magikarp in order to find out who’s can jump the highest. Keep in mind that there are no actions for you

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