HTC U11: both sides of the coin

HTC U11: both sides of the coin

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Point 1: HTC U11 design
The HTC U11’s design is mostly made of glass. © AndroidPIT
Steffen’s opinion: “A beautiful design”
The design is a key element because it influences our opinion of the phone based from the first impression. The HTC U11 didn’t disappoint me in this regard. Its the curved glass with its attractive color really is an eye catcher and the way it reflects the light definitely make it stand out from the competition. Who still wants a handset with a plastic back or one that’s hidden behind a case? 
I think that the design of the HTC U Play and the HTC U Ultra are solid as well, but the HTC U11 is something different entirely. It’s more attractive and it also has some added benefits: it’s pleasant to hold, its weight gives it a high-quality feel and the 5.5-inch screen is exactly what I expect from a smartphone. Personally, it doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t have a “bezel-less” display, like the ones from LG and Samsung phones.
Benoit’s opinion: “It lacks innovation”
Admittedly, it has a beautiful design. It’s subjective but I must admit that HTC has put forward something worthwhile… or at least, it would be for a smartphone released at the end of 2016. Obviously a top-range device must be pleasant to hold and this is an area where high quality materials are showcased (metal and glass), so HTC has to offer a little more than that, especially if it wants to challenge its competition.
Since the beginning of February, we have seen smartphones arrive on the market with revolutionary designs in terms of their handset size/screen ratio

Article originally published at: Droid Life