Top Tips and Tricks for CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Top Tips and Tricks for CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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Blast your opponents away with these tips and tricks for CATS!CATS is an explosive new game for Android developed by ZeptoLab. It’s a game that challenges you to build the best battling war machine using parts you unlock from timed crates as you work your way up the rankings.

It’s easy enough to learn the base mechanics at play here, but harder to actually unlock and determine the best strategies to win. You’ll need to invest some time —and probably some money, if we’re being honest here — if you want to progress quickly. But some smart tips and tricks will help you get the edge on your opponents without spending for in-app purchases.

Here’s the best strategies we’ve found so far.

Things you need to know to get started

Your death machines are comprised of three things: the body, the wheels, and the weapons/accessories.

The most important component is the body. When determining which body to start building your machine around, you’ll want to consider the style, weapon placement, and power rating. As we’ll discuss in the next section, anything with a wedge shape is automatically best suited to win most fights, but the location of the fixed weapon sockets and the power levels are equally important. The body power level determines how many weapons you can add, while the weapon sockets show where they can be placed.

After time you’re going to collect some pretty garbage parts that will never win you any fights. but are still valuable for upgrading. You’re able to fuse parts together to upgrade them by dragging the part you want to fuse to the stats page for the part you want to upgrade. This is not the time to be hoarding parts — if you’ve got the credits needed to fuse and upgrade a part you should do it.


Article originally published at: Android Central