Troubleshooting your Samsung Gear VR starts with our Ultimate Guide!

Troubleshooting your Samsung Gear VR starts with our Ultimate Guide!

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Everything you need to keep your Gear VR running well!
There’s a lot of great things you can do inside of a Samsung Gear VR, but like any virtual reality system one small thing can take a great deal away from the experience. It’s not always easy to find a quick solution to one of those problems, so we’ve compiled a complete list of all the things you need to know if something happens. Troubleshooting your Gear VR is easy if you’ve got a guide handy,and that’s where we come in.
Here’s the ultimate guide to troubleshooting your Gear VR!

What to do when Oculus Software won’t install on your Samsung Galaxy S6
On occasion you may have issues before you can even install the Oculus software. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S6 there is a easy, and specific fix to try.
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For those of you who had a friend help set up your phone, or don’t remember how to get to that package, we’ve got you covered with some step by step instructions.
Head to settings
Open up application manager
Scroll down until you see Facebook
Tap on the Facebook icon
Tap enable
Restart the download of Oculus software

How to focus your Gear VR and deal with blurriness
Having a clear view when you are in VR is kind of mandatory in order to amuse yourself. You may need to focus your Gear VR before using it, and on occasion it may need cleaning to deal with blurriness.
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Focus your lenses

If this is the first time you’re using Gear VR and you’re seeing unfocused images, then you may just need to adjust your lenses. It’s really easy to do too. First put on your Gear VR. At the top of the headset you’ll find a scrolling wheel. Scrolling to the right will bring

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