Two reasons to Tango: Augmented reality gets fun at Google I/O

Two reasons to Tango: Augmented reality gets fun at Google I/O

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There are plenty of practical applications for AR, not to mention entertaining ones, and Google’s objective is to uncover them all.Augmented reality’s proliferation is slowly picking up pace. But with the way Google had it exhibited at Google I/O, you would have thought it was already as ubiquitous and commonly referred as other technologies we’ve come to rely on.

It’s not there yet, but Google would certainly like it to be. Here are four examples of where the company sees augmented reality in the real world, and where it thinks it application could truly classify it as a utility.

Tango Constructor

Realtors, contractors, or anyone looking to undergo a massive remodel, you might find the Tango Constructor app to be right up your alley. It’s an experimental development tool made to show off how Tango-enabled devices can capture three-dimensional models of different surroundings. The models can then be exported as mesh files and used in other apps, like Unity.

You can map out your surroundings with Tango Constructor.

During the demonstration, I got to see the Asus ZenFone AR put to use with its rear-facing dual cameras and depth sensor. All it takes to map an area is a simple point and shoot, and the app does the rest of hard work stitching the image together. It works akin to capturing a Photosphere in real time, and it’s just as quick at rendering the scene.

When you’re finished mapping your surroundings, you can pop the Tango phone into a virtual reality viewer like Cardboard to look around. If you happen to have a Tango-enabled device, you can try it out for yourself right now.

Expeditions in the classroom

Google’s always been particularly proactive at showing its technology’s worthiness, especially with regards to how it can be utilized in classrooms. At I/O, it showed off AR’s usefulness with regards

Article originally published at: Android Central