Why the evolution of ecig technology is on an upwards spiral

Why the evolution of ecig technology is on an upwards spiral

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I remember puffing on an ecig for the first time with fond memories. It was January 2011 and my business partner handed me an Ego-T and told me rather confidently, ‘This is going to be the next big thing, we should sell these’. Rolling my eyes, I indulged his rather brazen prediction and took a deep draw on what looked at the time like a rather bizarre pen contraption.

After coughing my guts up for a good three minutes I looked back at him and agreed, ‘Not bad actually.’ At the time the technology operated on a basic battery / atomiser system with simple straight flavours- tobacco, apple, menthol, if you were lucky a very chemical tasting strawberry. A month later, £1000 worth of stock arrived, which we had scrimped together from our savings. A week later all that stock had sold through our website. We ordered more and sold more. 6 years later our electronic cigarette brand, Ecig Wizard stocks over 200 different products, has over 45 retail locations across the UK and employs more than 100 staff.

My life on my mobile phone

In this time, we’ve seen ecig technology boom and most recently move into the mobile sector. Apps are taking over our life. Just now I checked my Fitbit app to look at my average weight for this week (My Aria scales sync to the cloud). Before that I was checking Internet Banking to see whether I could afford a pint or two tonight. After three pints, I’ll be firing up Just Eat to order something unhealthy (after checking my average weight for the week to pacify myself). If I can’t convince myself, I’ll fire up Strava and admire the bike ride I have done earlier. All in between checking updates on 6 social media platforms. All on my phone. So, it’s no wonder that our vaping habits should find their way onto mobile technology.

Want to know how you are vaping? There’s an app for that

Vaping, particularly with the recent introduction of regulation leaves itself wide open to integration with mobile technology, particularly in three different areas:

  1. E Liquid Consumption. Keeping a track not only on habits, but spending. An average 10ml bottle of e-liquid costs around £5. On average, people will get through a bottle of week. Expect to see consumption monitored, whereas each time a tank is refilled or an electronic cigarette cartridge changed, the data is fed back to an app to monitor how much e-liquid is being consumed.
  2. Puff count. Back in the day we had big bulky cigarette hybrid machines to count how many puffs could be had out of a disposable ecig. These days, it’s useful to know the frequency of vaping, how many puffs are being taken and. This technology already exists within vaping devices and could be shared via Bluetooth to an app.
  3. Quality control. The conditions of the coil vastly affect the vaping experience. There are certain points where an ecig coil is at a degradation point and needs replacing. It’d be great both from a quality point of view, but also safety perspective if an app would prompt the user to replace the coil before the quality goes downhill. Heck, you could even set the app to stop the ecig from working once it hits a certain point.

What next?

If you’ve Googled and come across this article, then please comment below with how accurate we were with these technological advancements.

Certainly, over the next year, I’d expect to see mobile devices integrated with most Ecigs as standard. After all, if you’ve got an app that tracks your sleeping, why not for vaping?