Best Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Double up your Galaxy S8’s battery life with protective and functional battery case!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features pretty outstanding battery life on its own, but you may still be in search of an extra boost of battery life after a long day of use or if you’re traveling and will be away from a wall charger for an extended period.

That’s where a battery case comes in real handy, offering you essentially an extra battery pack that’s attached to your phone and doubles up with some added protection. Before we dive into the options below, we should say from the outset that some battery cases may prevent your phone from using NFC due to their thickness and density — something to keep an eye out for.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our options!

Mophie Juice Pack (2950mAh)

If you’ve bought a battery case for your phone in the past, chances are it was made by Mophie. It’s one of the leading manufacturers and has a good track record of making quality products. For the Galaxy S8, it’s released a version of its classic Mophie Juice Pack, which offers up 2950mAh of extra battery life for your phone, perfect for giving you an extra boost of juice when you’re phone’s running low near the end of the day.

But that Mophie branding also means it’s able to charge a premium price — nearly three times the price of other cases on this list. It’s also worth noting that despite the added protection in the corners, the drawback from Mophie’s low-profile design means the case is nearly flush with the screen so you may want to look into a tempered glass screen protector to add a bit of protection around the front.

The case comes with a USB-C charging cable and wall

Article originally published at: Android Central