Best games for Google Daydream

Best games for Google Daydream

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What are the best games for Google Daydream?
For many people, Daydream View is more than Google’s take on VR. It’s the first VR headset for a lot of Pixel owners, and that means there’s plenty of room to explore and have some fun. It also means there are a lot of apps in the Play Store asking for some money from you without a whole lot of assurance that the game will be worth the cash.
While there’s plenty of fun to be had with the free apps available for Daydream, some of the other experiences are on an entirely different level. Here’s where you need to start if you’re looking for quality games for Daydream.
Hunter’s Gate

If yoyu’re a fan on dungeon crawlers, you’ll like Hunter’s Gate. Choose between the hunter or the sorcerer, and take down hordes of evil creatures as you run through a series of maze-like levels from a unique, almost 2.5D perspective. Your Daydream Controller gives you control of a set of crosshairs you can use to guide your character’s fire, and as you complete levels you can enhance your character to better handle the next wave of baddies.
The best part of this game is the potential for multiplayer raids. This game is being updated on a weekly basis with new content, and all of it is aimed squarely at giving you a greater challenge and encouraging you to play with friends.
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The Arcslinger

As the squire to one of the greatest warrior heroes in the land, you’ve got a pretty sweet gig. That is, until he dies through totally no fault of your own and it’s up to you to save the town from bandits and monsters! Take up arms with your Daydream Controller as your trusty pistol and learn about Arc magic

Article originally published at: Android Central