Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is $209 ($20 off) on Amazon

[Deal Alert] Samsung's new Gear 360 camera is $209 ($20 off) on Amazon

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Back in March, Samsung revealed the second-generation Gear 360 camera alongside the Galaxy S8. The new design did away with the tripod mount in favor of a non-moving grip handle, and it could record video at a higher resolution than the old model. Now you can get it for $209.46 on Amazon, a drop of $20.53 from the original price.
If you’re completely unfamiliar with the Gear 360, it’s a camera that can record 360-degree video to your phone or a microSD card. This model has two 8.4MP lenses, and can record 360-degree video up to 4K 24FPS. It has IP53 dust and water protection, weighs about 130 grams, and supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.
The largest downside to this device is the phone compatibility – only a handful of recent Samsung (and iOS) devices officially work with it. If you’re still interested, you can grab it from the source link below.

Article originally published at: Android Police