Dealing with Daydream Controller issues

Dealing with Daydream Controller issues

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How do I fix my Daydream controller?
There isn’t a lot that can go wrong with Google Daydream, due in no small part to the way it gets used, but when something does happen it’s usually a problem with the controller. This tiny accessory is a Bluetooth controller with directional sensors so Daydream knows where it is positioned in space, and while that’s incredibly cool it also means Bluetooth bugs can mess up a gaming session.
Here’s how to deal with the most common Daydream controller issues, so you’re quickly able to jump back into your VR world!
My pointer aim isn’t accurate

Your Daydream headset and the direction it thinks the controller is pointing have lost sync, which means you’re pointing the controller forward and the light beam is off somewhere else. There’s no need to play through the pain, you can quickly reset your Daydream orientation no matter what app you are in.
To reset your Daydream controller orientation:
Look straight ahead, pointing your VR headset forward
Raise your Daydream controller up, pointed straight in front of you
Hold down the Home button for three seconds
This will reset the orientation of both your controller and your headset, aligning everything in front of you. From here, you should be able to continue playing without alignment issues!
Daydream says “We’re having difficulty finding your controller” during startup

The first thing Daydream does when you start up a VR app or game is try to connect to the controller. This happens when you press and hold the Home button on the controller, like the instructions say when looking into the headset. Occasionally, you’ll see an error telling you the controller can’t be found. As long as your Daydream controller has been recently charged, all this really means is your controller is taking longer than usual to connect.
To connect your Daydream controller:

Article originally published at: Android Central