Developers, take note:'s latest update is the best example of app...

Developers, take note:'s latest update is the best example of app shortcut configuration we've ever seen

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If you are into home security as well as technology, is a popular choice to fill that niche. It is a smart home solution that, as you would expect, allows you to control your security system as well as things like cameras, lights, doors, and thermostats. It even supports Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Think home automation with a security slant, and you’ve basically got what is about. Initially, this post only set out to talk about the new features in the most recent update, but one of the changes was so incredibly well done that we couldn’t help but diverge in our discussion of it.’s method of configuring app shortcuts is fantastic.

• Pinch to digitally zoom in or out of a particular area of interest on video (feature screen only).
• Download and share saved video clips and images directly from the app.
• The push notification sent to the app when someone rings the doorbell is now accompanied by a doorbell sound, letting you know that someone is at the door.
• Added support for Shortcuts (for devices with Android 7.1 and up). For supported devices, this feature can be configured by going to App Settings > Shortcuts.

Don’t get us wrong, the new features in the update are great. They’ve added a digital pinch to zoom for videos so you can take a look at what’s going on back at home in even more detail — assuming the feed resolution is high enough. You can also download video clips and images and share them directly inside the app. It’s even got a new literal doorbell sound for doorbell notifications.  But, the most interesting of these new features is the app shortcut configuration.
It’s nothing flashy, but it does everything it needs to, and it does it well. Developers

Article originally published at: Android Police