How do you take and edit pictures with your phone?

How do you take and edit pictures with your phone? [Roundtable]

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There’s more to taking a great pic that mashing the shutter button. Here’s how we do it.

Having a great camera on your phone is a must in 2017. Even so-called budget models phones have a decent camera, and the high-end devices from every company in the game can all take some awesome pictures.

But there’s usually more involved in taking a great pic than just tapping the shutter button. This week, we’re going around the table to talk about how we take pictures and what we do with them from start to finish.

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Russell Holly

When taking photos with my phone, I almost always use the stock app. Especially nowadays, the default apps made by the manufacturers are typically quite good. I will occasionally try a specific kind of shot in a standalone app, like “supersampled” photos in Camera Super Pixel, but that’s about it.

The camera apps from the companies making these phones are usually pretty good.

Editing depends on what I’m doing. Most of the time I’m happy with the Auto button in Google Photos, but I will occasionally play around in Snapseed if I’m bored. I also edit work photos on my phone through Lightroom, usually by connecting the USB-C SD card reader to my phone and pulling the RAW photos I shot with my Olympus. I have to be in a pretty big hurry to go that far though, so it doesn’t happen often.

Ara Wagoner

I try to take pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Google Pixel — the Pixel if I can help it because of its stabilization features — and apart from dragging up and down the exposure adjustment, I shoot on automatic. I don’t go in for the full manual tweaking, I want good focus, relatively even light, everything inside the frame, and

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