How to customize your Android home button shortcut

How to customize your Android home button shortcut

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The best thing about Android is how customizable it is. Not everyone likes the default actions assigned to certain buttons or button combinations, and one of the most common complaints is with the home button on Samsung Galaxy devices. It is possible to make the home button do what you want, rather than what the manufacturer decided, using the following workaround.

We’re demonstrating the process using a Galaxy S6 on Android Lollipop, although it should work on most phones that have a physical home button. By default, a double-tab of the S6 home button takes you to the camera shortcut but, for the purposes of this tutorial, we want to make it launch the Play Store instead. On older Galaxy devices, a single tap of the physical home button will bring you to your home screen, a double-tap launches S Voice, and long-press launch Google Now with a long press.
First, you’ll need the app Home2 Shortcut from the Google Play Store, so download and install it on your device. There are other apps exist that provide the same functionality, but for this example, we’re using Home2 Shortcut.
Home2 Shortcut
How to change the home button action
1. When you fire up the Home2 Shortcut app, it will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to program your home button for different actions. In this example, we’ll customize what happens with a double-tap. 
2. In Home2 Shortcut you’ll see a four-step process. It will ask you to choose an application that you want the double tap button combination to launch. Tap Choose application and select the Play Store from the list (or any other app you prefer).
Select the app you want to be your default double-tap shortcut.

Article originally published at: Droid Life