Interview with CEO of Honor, who says "Youth is the spirit of...

Interview with CEO of Honor, who says "Youth is the spirit of our brand"

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Opinion by Jessica Murgia

The Honor 9 will be a success because it combines beautiful design, excellent hardware and a competitive price
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From Honor 6 to Honor 9: an obvious evolution
In 2014, Honor presented the Honor 6. If in the past, the Honor name was in any way associated with a negative connotation, things have changed a fair bit for the brand as it can now stand tall next to LG, Samsung, Apple and obviously Huawei.
You can tell the Honor 9 has inherited some genes from its beloved predecessor, the Honor 8, but it also introduces some visible innovations like the 3D curve glass body, the fingerprint scanner on the front panel and the Glacier Gray color, which joins a renewed Sapphire Blue variant.

To create a smartphone like the Honor 9, Honor also had to rely on others partners, including Monster and Huawei

As George Zhao said in our interview, the Honor 9 is seeking to attract a younger audience with its new look but it also hopes to entice them with an optimized dual camera with 2x zoom, and an improved sound system through a collaboration with Monster. The price tag of $495 makes this smartphone even more interesting in the eyes of the younger generation and those who are youthful at hear because, as specified by Zhao at the launch event of the new device, the brand also caters for both.

Answering to the needs of users is Honor’s goal. One aspect users have asked for is the best multimedia experience – so to achieve this, Honor chose to work with Rezo, a German musician and YouTuber who used the Honor 6 to film his videos. To create a smartphone like the Honor

Article originally published at: Droid Life