Logitech announces Circle 2 home security cameras—weatherproof, wired or wireless, and shipping...

Logitech announces Circle 2 home security cameras—weatherproof, wired or wireless, and shipping next month

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The Logitech Circle cameras have been some of the best options for keeping an eye on your home thanks to the competitive price. Logitech has even pushed updates that added substantial new features that made Circle more competitive with Arlo, Nest, and others. Still, you can’t do everything with software. Today, Logitech is announcing the Logitech Circle 2 cameras. There are two versions, one wired and the other wireless. Plus, both can be set up in the great outdoors.

Circle 2 wired
Both cameras will have 1080p video, night vision, and 180-degree fields of view. The wired Circle 2 has a flatter design than the original, but Logitech has separated the camera from the stand—that was one piece on the original Circle. The camera will plug into a variety of accessory mounts like an AC plug mount and a window mount. The camera comes with a regular stand that can be mounted to a wall as well.

Circle 2 wire-free
The wireless version has a battery that lasts about three months, and you can get spare battery packs for faster swapping. This camera is rounder than the wired one because the rear half of the housing is actually the battery pack. The wireless camera will probably be easier for outdoor monitoring (no cables to run), but either camera can be mounted outside. For the wired one, Logitech will sell a weatherproof cable extension to make sure your wiring doesn’t get damaged. If the wireless camera is good enough, this won’t really be necessary.

Left: Window mount, Right: AC mount
Just like the current Circle, these cameras have 24 hours of free cloud storage for recorded video. For $4 per month you get 14 days of storage. For $10 that’s increased to 31 days and you get extra features like person detection, motion zones, and custom timelapses.

Both Circle

Article originally published at: Android Police