Meet Astro, an email client for Android with artificial intelligence baked in

Meet Astro, an email client for Android with artificial intelligence baked in

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If you’re into the idea of using Alexa and Slack to answer your email, you might be interested in this little app.

There aren’t too many hearty email clients in the Google Play Store, so we’re naturally curious when one comes out that’s not only a delight to use, but it’s got artificial intelligence baked in, too.

I’ve been using Astro: AI Meets Email for the past week and it’s truly a breath of fresh air compared to the dual Gmail-and-Inbox life I’ve been juggling. Whether you’ve got a scattered brain or you’ve mastered the art of maintaining an inbox, Astro is worthy download for anyone who wants a little help on the backend ensuring that the important emails are always seen.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the features that make Astro a worthy download, and we’ll walk you through what it’s like to manage your inbox through Slack.

There’s priority, and then there’s “other”

Off the bat, my favorite part of Astro is the concise inbox. Unlike Google’s Inbox, which compartmentalizes emails into a number of different categories, Astro whittles them down to two: important and not important. The pressing stuff will be automatically funneled through to the priority inbox, while the extra stuff — like newsletters, daily mantras, and online shopping receipts — will be filed away to “other.” Best of all, Astro will work in the backend doing all of the message sorting right off the bat.

A look at Astro’s interface, from the hamburger menu (left), to the “priority” and “other” inboxes (middle two photos), to the ability to schedule an email (right).

If you’re finding that the Astro is having a bit of trouble properly parsing your contacts, you can add the very important people to the VIP list. This ensures that every email from the addresses you’ve specified make

Article originally published at: Android Central