There's a single OnePlus 5 version for the whole world

There's a single OnePlus 5 version for the whole world

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OnePlus managed to build a single version of the OnePlus 5 for the whole world. That means easier roaming and much better worldwide compatibility.

The OnePlus 5 is here, and it’s a pretty great device in a lot of ways. But in terms of network connectivity, it breaks down interesting new ground, and finds itself among a select few devices that takes advantage of some of the Snapdragon 835’s latest advances.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the device that is available to purchase right now.

Every model comes unlocked out of the box

Like all previous OnePlus devices, the OnePlus 5 comes unlocked out of the box. This means that as long as it supports a particular network, you’ll be able to put in your SIM card and it will just work. If the network is really obscure, you may have to enter the APN information manually, but those are edge cases and shouldn’t apply to the vast majority of users.

What is an APN and how do you change it?

It’s dual-SIM

The OnePlus 5 has two SIM slots, which for many Americans will be an unusual inclusion but for millions of others it will be essential. Both SIM cards can operate at 4G LTE speeds which is nice, and Android can dynamically switch between them if necessary. Flexibility FTW!

There’s only one version for the entire world

This is really neat. The OnePlus 5 is only being released in one version for the entire world, which means that the version sold to Americans is physically the same hardware as the one sold in China, India and South Africa. This is a big deal. Last year’s OnePlus 3T had two distinct versions for the U.S. and Europe/Asia, and the LTE bands were largely not compatible between the two regions, which made it difficult to roam.

Now, the OnePlus

Article originally published at: Android Central