Valve 'Knuckles' controllers — Everything you need to know!

Valve 'Knuckles' controllers — Everything you need to know!

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Valve’s newest VR controllers, what are being called Knuckles, are fully-tracked motion controllers with a new design and a few neat tricks. Here’s everything you need to know about them.
Valve’s newest controllers are taking things in an interesting direction; they are immediately familiar but have quite a few new features and a new way to attach to your hands. If you’re wondering what they’re all about, we have everything you need to know.
What’s new with Valve Knuckles controllers?
A June 19 SteamVR Home update brought DLC with firmware, images, and render models of the Knuckles controllers.
Visit the SteamVR Knuckles group
How do I get Valve Knuckles controllers?
Only some select developers hand-picked by Valve have been lucky enough to receive the Knuckles controllers. The rest of us will have to wait until further notice.
What are Valve Knuckles controllers?

A first glimpse of the Knuckles prototype was seen at Steam Dev Days 2016. One of the major areas of focus was the fact that you could let go of the controller without it dropping to the floor or to hang by the safety cord. Also included with the design was finger tracking, something Oculus Touch controllers have had from the start.

Since the first look, Valve has been hard at work refining the design, and now it appears they’re getting serious about their product. Developer kits have been sent out, and a Steam Community Knuckles group has been created.
How do Knuckles controllers attach to your hand?
Much like Oculus Touch controllers, there is a band that loops around the back of your hand near your knuckles. Whereas the band on Touch controllers is static, the Knuckles controllers have an adjustable strap built in. You slip your hand through and hold the controller naturally, pull the cord on the bottom of the controller, and everything tightens down.


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