WhatsApp lets you send any file type, bundles shared media, and modifies...

WhatsApp lets you send any file type, bundles shared media, and modifies the call screen

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It’s quite fitting that the first article I write when I get back from my honeymoon (wipe your tears, ladies and gentlemen, this one’s taken) is about WhatsApp. For the past years, I’ve reported about the app’s different interface and functionality changes here on Android Police and while I was sipping cava by the sea or emphatically nodding “Si, si,” to everyone in Spain while putting my new husband’s feet to the test (not like that, you dirty-minded people, we were walking a lot everywhere), WhatsApp rolled out a couple of new things to its app… that no one in the AP team wanted to write out of veneration for my status as WhatsApp know-it-all guru. (Or, more realistically, because no one here actually uses WhatsApp so they didn’t know what to say.) So you’ll have to excuse the delayed reporting on some of the “news” here that isn’t very new anymore, but oh well, extenuating circumstances and all.
There are 3 new things to discuss in the WhatsApp app. First is the ability to send any file type. Previously, the app was limited to sharing documents mostly from .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, and similar file extensions. As far as I can recall, it didn’t support .zip (although that was rumored), .apk, or even .jpg. You could technically share images, but they’d be compressed whereas sending the .jpg shares the entire file uncompressed. Now, all of these file types are shareable from the¬†Attach > Document pop-up.
As far as we can tell, the option is rolling out slowly to more users so your mileage may vary on whether or not it’s live for you yet. Technically, it should easily see all files you have in your local storage’s¬†Download folder, including music, photos, videos, APKs, zips, etc…

The second change is more aesthetic than

Article originally published at: Android Police