Amazon Alexa: Which devices support it?

Amazon Alexa: Which devices support it?

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Alexa can make any home into a smart home. To do it, though, it needs the help of other smart home devices. Which devices integrate Amazon’s voice assistant and are able to converse with you? In this list, you’ll find out exactly which useful gadgets are compatible with Alexa and are awaiting your command.

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Alexa doesn’t get along with Google or Apple
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Alexa doesn’t just open the doors to the world of Amazon. The voice assistant is also compatible with products by other manufacturers. Smartphones, lights, speakers, scales…the list of products compatible with Alexa is growing.
Devices with Alexa integrated
Amazon Echo: a speaker for your home which keeps Alexa always at the ready
Amazon Echo Dot: the little brother of the Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo Show: manage your smart home devices, monitor the weather forecast, update your shopping list and access a host of features also available on the Echo and Echo Dot, but with the added advantage of a 7-inch touch screen
Amazon Echo Look: a virtual stylist that gives you advice on what to wear using the integrated camera
Amazon Dash Wand: scan products to add them to the shopping list and streamline your shopping experience
Amazon Fire Tablet: all new Fire tablets from Amazon support Alexa
Amazon Fire TV Stick: a stick that brings Alexa and apps to your TV (like Chromecast)
Amazon Tap: a portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker
Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo. / © AndroidPIT
Mate 9: released in late 2016, this smartphone from Huawei comes with Alexa pre-installed in the US
Huawei Mate 9

Lenovo Smart Assistant:  presented at CES in Las Vegas, this is an assistant like Amazon Echo which can play your favorite

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