An Android user's look back at 10 years of iPhone

An Android user's look back at 10 years of iPhone

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I spent years of my life avoiding Apple products, but it’s a wonder if my life would exist as an Android user if the iPhone hadn’t been a success.

Where were you ten years ago when Apple first launched the iPhone?

I was midway through college and barely able to fathom what technology would look like in the year 2017. There was no such thing as a “smartphone” back then; they were all called cell phones or BlackBerrys, and at that time I was sitting pretty with an LG VX9800, which I already figured was pretty smart for the sheer fact that it could browse the mobile web.

I owe my personal technology journey to the iPhone, even though I’ve avoided it for nearly a decade.

I would spend a majority of my shifts at my suburban town’s drive-thru coffee shop posting moody entries on Livejournal and furiously texting friends. (Fun fact: that coffee shop turned into a Bikini Cafe after I moved to the city. I sure as hell dodged that bullet.) My phone was already a major part of my life back then, and I continually strived to have the coolest one with the most “next-gen” features — like a microSD card slot, a headphone jack, or a 2-megapixel rear camera. I would eagerly save up my money each year to upgrade my device on my birthday, and though that meant I couldn’t always afford to drink down the street with my pals, at least I could text them from a full QWERTY keyboard.

Back then, I was also vehemently anti-Apple. I was a PC gamer, and iPods were everywhere. I wanted badly to define myself as an individual within the sea of sameness. Why would I want the same device as everyone else when I could sport a similar alternative?

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Article originally published at: Android Central