Best Replacement Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3

Best Replacement Watch Bands for Samsung Gear S3

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What are the best third-party watch bands for Samsung Gear S3?

The Samsung Gear S3 is one of our favorite smartwatches, and a great alternative to many of the Android Wear watches out there. The Gear S3 supports standard 22mm watch bands, making it really easy to upgrade with something new.

Here are a few of the best third-party watch bands to consider once you pick up your brand new Samsung Gear S3!

ArtStyle nylon strap

Keep things simple, fun, and functional with the ArtStyle watch band made from a sturdy nylon material and a durable metal buckle! The ArtStyle nylon strap is easily adjustable and is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect band to wear if you have sensitive skin.

The material from this particular band is also breathable and waterproof on top of being extremely comfortable to wear day-to-day.

On top of the ArtStyle’s practical design, the watch strap comes in a ton of different, bright colors, including red, blue/yellow, black, black/gray, navy blue, gray, khaki, orange, army green, black/blue, black/green/red, black/gray/blue, black/gray/orange, black/gray/green, black/red for only around $9.

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EloBeth Milanese Magnetic Loop Strap

If you’re someone who struggles with putting on your Samsung Gear S3 with one hand, or if you simply want a little bit of additional security when you’re sporting your S3, then the EloBeth Milanese Magnetic Loop Strap might be a good option to take a peek at.

The strong, magnetic clasp keeps this around-$10 watch band tight around your wrist, and can easily be adjusted to fit almost any wrist type, so if you have especially larger or smaller wrists, this band might be a great option for you.

The EloBeth Milanese Magnetic Loop Strap is made out of a high-end stainless steel that’s perfect for day-to-day wear, and if there are any issues with the band, you have an 18-month warranty

Article originally published at: Android Central