Best VR videos you should watch right now

Best VR videos you should watch right now

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What are the best videos to watch in VR?
Virtual reality isn’t just all about gaming — it’s also about emotional and exhilarating experiences in the form of 360-degree videos. Apps like Within, Littlestar, and YouTube make it easy to download and digest these videos across multiple VR platforms. Here are the best VR videos to watch right now.

Within has a small but concentrated collection of VR videos that range from band exposés to deeply affecting stories about refugees and the environment. This app is available for all the major VR platforms, and here are the best videos it has to offer.
The Protectors

This documentary from National Geographic highlights the lives of both Garamba National Park rangers and the endangered elephants they’re tasked to protect from poachers. These rangers put their lives on the line every day, knowing that the price of ivory is higher than the price of their lives.
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If you’re at all interested in the world of cinema, Kinoscope might be the best film on this list. Dean Tavoularis, the Oscar-winning production designer, narrates this tale that takes you from the very start of the cinematic world to where we’re at now.
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The Click Effect

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of freediving — taking a single breath and jumping into open water — here’s your chance. Not only is this a freedive, it also tells the story of how sperm whales and dolphins use clicks to communicate. This film is as beautiful as it is educational.
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The Displaced

One of the best parts of VR is its ability to show you things you don’t usually see. The Displaced tells the story of three children — from Syria, Sudan, and Ukraine — forced from their homes because of war. Move from refugee camps to destroyed villages and see

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