Here are some of the best phones, Chromebooks, and tablets on...

[Deal Alert] Here are some of the best phones, Chromebooks, and tablets on sale for Prime Day

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The 30-hour event known as Prime Day has officially kicked off, and we have a list of ten Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks that will be included at different times during the sale. For the uninitiated, the sales on Prime Day are staggered, the better to consistently pull your attention throughout the day. So most of the items that will be included haven’t yet gone on sale. But, worry not, as with this list you’ll be prepared.
This isn’t going to be an all-inclusive list, as there might be deals that aren’t listed yet, and we’ve intentionally excluded a few devices that are just a bit too potato, but it’s a good place to start. Unfortunately, until a deal goes up, we don’t know the exact price it will be. So, the best way to approach this list might be to consider the individual items, and if anything strikes your fancy, to check back in when that item goes on sale and see if the price is right.
The bigger highlights include the Galaxy Tab S2 (which is up now, gogogo!) a Galaxy S8 kit with a VR headset and wireless charger (also now, hurry!), and both the Xperia XA Ultra and it’s less superlative cousin the XA. There are also a ton of BLU phones, and a cheap Lenovo Tab 3 7. Most things won’t be on sale until tomorrow, though, and even they in limited quantities and just for a narrow window. You’ll have to be fast. Keep in mind if you are viewing this last long after the publication date, some of these items may have already sold out, or the deals may have expired.
The full list of time-sensitive sales, including times that items will go on sale, is below:

Galaxy S8 w/ VR and Wireless Charger – Now @ $624.00
Xperia XA

Article originally published at: Android Police