ZeroLemon starts its Prime Day sale early: battery cases, screen protectors,...

[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon starts its Prime Day sale early: battery cases, screen protectors, cables, and more up to 70% off at Amazon w/coupon

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It isn’t quite Prime Day yet, but that isn’t stopping ZeroLemon from starting the party early. The company just tossed up sales for a ton of items, including a smattering of batteries, battery cases, screen protectors, cables, and chargers. Some items are even up to 70% off, though most of the more attractive items are between 20-50%.
The company is offering discounts on a whopping 28 individual items. Obviously, we can’t discuss every one of them here, and some of them are for iOS devices, but there are a few worth highlighting. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use a coupon code for each discount. All coupon codes are listed down at the bottom next to their relevant item, as well as near the prices for each discussed below.

If you are looking for a case with a built-in battery, that’s ZeroLemon’s shtick. Included in the sale are battery cases for the LG V10 ($49.99 with coupon code DX98GZ7I), V20 ($49.99 with coupon code JSD6N4UQ), OnePlus 3/3T ($44.99 with coupon code QOCILQGJ), Pixel ($47.99 with coupon code YYE3DNYK), Pixel XL ($49.79 with coupon code DMCZXBUH), and the iPhone 6 ($17.99 with coupon code 6D9M73FS .
Capacities vary quite a lot. But, generally, the bigger the phone, the bigger the battery ZeroLemon was able to fit in the case. Some of the cases are also a good deal more attractive than others. For instance, the case for OnePlus 3/3T has a significant bulge around the USB-C port that isn’t present in most of the others.
If you have a Galaxy Note 4, Amazon even has single ($9.99 with coupon code O8HNG3DV) and double ($14.99 with coupon code YVD5ODEE) packages of internal batteries for the phone on sale.

If you want a battery, but don’t want it built into your case, there are also a ton of external battery packs. Those cover

Article originally published at: Android Police