Does using your phone at night prevent you from falling asleep?

Does using your phone at night prevent you from falling asleep?

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It’s often said that one shouldn’t spend too much time looking at a screen, and that it’s better to avoid staring at your smartphone or computer in the evening. Is there any truth to this? Are screens bad for your eyes? Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

There are so many myths about technology that we decided to create a series of articles in order to distinguish the true ones from the false ones. You’ll be able to find them quickly, as all the articles will be labelled “myth busting”, and we’ll explain if what you hear is true, or a simple urban legend. This week, we’re trying to find out whether using a screen has effects on sleep or not.
Smartphones prevent you from falling asleep: fact or urban legend?
We’ve heard everywhere that the using a screen is bad for your eyes, and that it can prevent you from falling asleep. This is why night mode was introduced, in order to combat this problem. Nougat considered adding the feature, but ultimately it didn’t see the light of day. The manufacturers therefore decided to implement this feature on their devices themselves, which is why it’s sometimes found under several different names such as ‘night mode’, ‘eye protection mode’ or ‘blue light filter’, with each manufacturer distinguishing itself from the other. However, they all have the same concept: the blue light filter.

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I find it difficult to sleep after I’ve been on my phone
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Blue light: what is it?
To explain things more simply, you have to know that each color is associated with a wavelength. Our brain is then able to distinct

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