Google Tango vs ARKit: Why Google lost the first round in the...

Google Tango vs ARKit: Why Google lost the first round in the AR battle

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Google has finally released a second Tango-compatible phone on the market: The ZenFone AR. The apps are fun to try out, but they also show limitations. And then there is that persistent competitor, Apple, which changes the game at the drop of a hat. What future does Tango have? How impressive is ARKit really? We investigated details about the ZenFone AR.

What exactly is Tango?
Tango is Google’s platform for augmented reality (AR) apps. Essentially, it’s about placing digital objects in the real world. These objects would then be visible on the smartphone display. 
Tango uses 3D motion tracking and depth perception to allow the smartphone to know where it is within a room, so as you move around, these digital objects follow the movement of the phone and are thus seamlessly integrated into the environment.
Augmented reality is only seen through the smartphone. / © AndroidPIT
Augmented reality can only be seen through a smartphone; some scenarios are still pipe dreams, but they may soon be real: Using an app, you can leave notes for your friends in a restaurant, or the servers could show you the dishes on the menu as a 3D animation. Naturally, digital shopping guides would also be a possibility with a smartphone app. Amazon may be planning to open AR furniture stores, for instance.Now, Tango has made its second appearance in a consumer smartphone. The ZenFone AR shows the platform’s potential. We tried out some apps and games that are only available for Tango phones.
BMW i Visualiser: BMW comes to your living room
In a very brief period of time, BMW has developed a Tango app that places a BMW in your driveway, your living room or

Article originally published at: Droid Life