Google's new personalized Feed starts rolling out with new home button in...

Google's new personalized Feed starts rolling out with new home button in search results and bottom tabs

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Google’s been all over the place with its server-side rollouts in the Google app lately. Some people are seeing two tabs, some are seeing three, and some four. It’s totally bizarre, but that’s Google for you. Following the announcement of the upcoming, more personalized Google Feed several days ago, we’re now seeing it materialize, and the home button that was in Google’s screenshots is starting to pop up on some devices.

The whole situation is a bit complicated, but we’ll attempt to break it down. First of all, if you have tabs, the Feed button is transitioning into a home button. The change is only in appearance, as the button still just brings you back to your Feed. This home button can be seen in Google’s announcement GIFs, so it looks like that’s here to stay. However, it’s worth mentioning that if you have a Pixel or any device that has Google Now/Feed built into the launcher, you won’t see those tabs. I can see the tabs on my S8+, but not my Pixel.
There’s also a home button that’s appearing on the top right of the Google app’s search results. We first saw a Feed button there a few days ago in a tipster’s screenshots, but it’s now transitioning into a Home button. Google seems to be ditching that Feed button altogether – perhaps the home button is just easier to understand?
left: Feed button. right: Home button.
Those two buttons were both first seen in Google’s GIFs, but the presence of one (or both) home buttons doesn’t necessarily mean that you have everything from the new Feed just yet. Similarly, the “Follow” button when you search for things like TV shows, movies, celebrities, etc. doesn’t indicate that either, even if it is a part of the Feed. Clicking it will ensure that you get cards about

Article originally published at: Android Police