Hands-on: Moto Z2 Force and 360 Camera Moto Mod

Hands-on: Moto Z2 Force and 360 Camera Moto Mod

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Motorola is now into its second generation of Mod-enabled phones with the release of the Moto Z2 Play a few weeks ago and now the Moto Z2 Force. As far as we know, there won’t be a regular Z2 variant this year, so Moto seems to have split the difference between the last-gen Z and Z Force. The Z2 Force is a bit slimmer than its predecessor with a smaller battery, but it still has the shatter-proof POLED display.
We’ll have a full review later, but let’s see if this phone makes a good first impression.┬áThere’s also that new 360 Camera Mod launching on the same day. There’s less to say about that, but we’ll throw it in for good measure.

Moto Z2 Force
If you’ve seen any Motorola phone from the last year and change, the Moto Z2 Force will look familiar. It’s a slim device about 6mm thick with a completely flat rear panel. It’s aluminum, but the finish is mirror-smooth. Thus, it’s slippery and fingerprint-y to an almost glass-like degree. At the bottom is the Moto Mod connector, but you can cover up the back with a style cover, and you probably should. Those Mod pins are an eyesore.
At the top of the rear panel is the protruding camera module, which stabilizes the magnetically attached Mods. I’ll get the the camera more later, but for the moment I’ll just say I’m still not a fan of the camera module. You really have to attach a style cover of some sort to make it less obtrusive. Despite some rumors to the contrary, there’s still no headphone jack on this device. So you’re looking at just the Type-C port on the bottom. There’s still a Type-C to headphone adapter in the box at least.

In my first few hours with the Moto Z2

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