The Walking Dead: March to War, a beautiful looking game built...

[Hands-on] The Walking Dead: March to War, a beautiful looking game built around tired free-to-play mechanics

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Disruptor Beam has a new free-to-play survival game coming up for release soon. It is titled The Walking Dead: March to War, and it’s available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store as we speak. Luckily I’ve gotten my hands on the APK and have tested it out in order to show everyone what can be expected when it is officially released.

I would like to briefly mention that The Walking Dead: March to War is currently a beta title still in testing. Due to its unavailability in my region, I have sideloaded the APK (version 0.4.0) to test the gameplay. There may be a few more adjustments to the title before it officially launches, so please take that into consideration when reading this hands-on.

From the outset, it’s clear that Disruptor Beam has spent a lot of time on the graphical design of The Walking Dead: March to War. Everything about the appearance of this game exudes a gritty post-apocalyptic style that is very polished and not often found in these type of free-to-play titles. From the detailed hand-drawn characters to the desolated looking 3D backgrounds, visually The Walking Dead: March to War is superb.

The thing is, when it comes to gameplay, The Walking Dead: March to War is mostly a Clash of Clans clone where you tirelessly build up your base, recruit new AI team members, and fight with rival players on the world map. In all actuality, it is a lot more similar to Vega Conflict, a game that bills itself as a sci-fi themed real-time strategy MMO. So if you are familiar with either of those titles, you should have a good idea of what to expect here.
Mainly you will be tasked with building up your base and its team by searching for materials and survivors. These survivors

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