Trivia Crack Heroes, the easiest quiz game that you will never...

[Hands-on] Trivia Crack Heroes, the easiest quiz game that you will never win

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Trivia Crack Heroes is the latest Trivia Crack game from Etermax. It’s an strange mix of simplistic MOBA gameplay and trivia questions. You will be collecting heroes via a loot crate system in order to battle them against live opponents. While the premise may sound appealing, the execution has left me feeling utterly unimpressed, thanks to the clear pay-to-win design.

I would like to briefly mention that Trivia Crack Heroes is currently a beta release. As an unfinished product, there may be a few more adjustments the developers make to the game before it officially launches. So please take that into consideration when reading this hands-on.

As someone who is constantly playing a wide assortment of Android games, I honestly had no idea of what to expect from Trivia Crack Heroes. I have no familiarity with the series, as these type of mobile quiz games tend to rely heavily on pay-to-win aspects. Of course, after further investigation, Trivia Crack Heroes does not dispel my assumption.
When you first open the game, you are greeted by a simple tutorial that takes you through the basics of the gameplay. To put it simply, you have a team of heroes who you strategically place on a two-lane playing field with the ultimate goal of destroying your adversary’s base, to which your opponent will do the same. As you send out each hero, they will deplete your energy thanks to each one having a cost attributed to their use. In order to gain more energy so that you can send out more heroes, you will need to answer incredibly simple trivia questions. Seeing that Trivia Crack Heroes is targeted towards an audience of the ages ten and up, this is no surprise.
Now, my problem with Trivia Crack Heroes does not stem from the design of the core gameplay, as

Article originally published at: Android Police