How BMW is speeding up its digital revolution and preparing for the...

How BMW is speeding up its digital revolution and preparing for the self-driving car

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Even though the self-driving car is probably the future of road driving, it still remains a prototype for the time being. Its large-scale commercialization, and availability for the general public won’t be around for a few years yet (probably not until in 2020 at least).
But the smart car of the future has everything it needs to revive that appeal that’s been missing in the car sector for several years. The makers finally understood the need for it, and are preparing for its arrival. In addition to new safety equipment that can detect hazards and anticipate accidents, manufacturers are adding new technology to their vehicles to adapt to the lives of users in terms of connectivity, therefore saving users time.
Obviously, like all car manufacturers to date, BMW is taking this digital revolution very seriously. Being one of the most successful manufacturers in recent years, it can’t afford not to innovate, at the risk of failing to supply the increasing demand for digital material. This is why the manufacturer has multiplied its initiatives, while maintaining one basic principle: customization.
The connected car, a preview to the self-driving car
As with any revolution, there has to be a starting point, and the smartphone is the answer in this case. Although BMW only really started running its program last year, things have moved forward quite quickly.
The manufacturer began by adding a BMW ConnectedDrive SIM card in each of its new vehicles, and launched an Android and iOS app called BMW Connected to offer BMW owners a digital service. And the result of that? After less than one year, 8.5 million BMW cars are connected, and more than a million people in over 29 countries regularly

Article originally published at: Droid Life