HTC U11 adds Amazon Alexa support, turning it into a venerable portable...

HTC U11 adds Amazon Alexa support, turning it into a venerable portable Echo

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HTC triples up on its artificial intelligence offering.The HTC U11 launched in June with Google Assistant as its primary artificial intelligence service, though the promise was that at a later date we’d receive Amazon Alexa as a secondary choice. Now the time has come — with a new software update and an app install, you can use your U11 almost identically to the way you’d use an Amazon Echo sitting on your kitchen counter.

Alexa can live right alongside Google Assistant on your U11.

The first interesting thing about the Alexa offering is that it can actually live right alongside Google Assistant. Long-pressing the U11’s home button still launches Google Assistant, and as of now you can’t actually remap that function to launching Alexa (though you can turn off Assistant there). So there are three ways to activate Alexa: by simply saying “Alexa” near the phone, by making Alexa an Edge Sense trigger for when you squeeze the phone, or simply by tapping the “HTC Alexa” app icon. Once you’ve activated the app once, you’ll also get a notification with suggested things to ask Alexa and a microphone activation button.

Once you activate it, Alexa on the U11 works precisely like it does on an Echo in your home. You can configure it just like any other Echo using the Amazon Alexa app — by default it’ll simply be called your “HTC Alexa” even. You can use any of the skills you’re used to using, control smart home devices, buy items from Amazon, check on Amazon shipments, ask it knowledge-base questions, get your Flash Briefing and more.

The fact that Alexa on the phone works just like your Echo at home is a big deal for those who are already familiar with it, but there are also clear limitations to this setup.


Article originally published at: Android Central