Samsung please, it's about time you let us use the Bixby button...

Samsung please, it's about time you let us use the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8

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Developers have found a new way to remap the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 – so what do Samsung and phone companies go and do? They block it again. Ok, Samsung, it just so happens that as the owner of a Galaxy S8, I’d like to be able to use this button for different things. It does more than just show Bixby cards!

When you buy a cell phone, you become the owner of that device. That’s the whole point of handing over the money, isn’t it? However, thanks to industry protection, manufacturers, large software developers, telephone companies and other business still demand that you abide by a set of rules to use their devices.
My phone, my rules! / © AndroidPIT
Those rules are the reason that in some countries, if you root your Android or jailbreak your iPhone, you void your warranty. And that, as crazy as it may be, is ok since the contract you sign says that if you want to benefit from the device’s warranty, then you can’t have administrator access.That still means that you can choose to root your Android or modify it in any other way if you want to, correct? You’d obviously be giving up your warranty, but at least then you have the power to decide!When Samsung added a button dedicated to its Virtual Assistant Bixby, which still doesn’t offer what was promised when it was launched by the way, it’s in the wrong by keeping it blocked. It’s a tool that can and should be used functionally on my Galaxy S8. I paid for it, didn’t I? So, it’s mine.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

Samsung, please let us use the Bixby button on the Galaxy

Article originally published at: Droid Life