Should you buy a Galaxy S8+ or wait for the Galaxy Note...

Should you buy a Galaxy S8+ or wait for the Galaxy Note 8?

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You can always wait for the next phone to come out — but should you?

For those who loved the Galaxy Note 7, there’s been a void in their pocket since late 2016. Many Note fans think of the phone as more than just another big-screened device — it’s a special kind of device that can only be replaced by a newer, better Note. So without a Galaxy Note available, what do you use instead?

The launch event for the Galaxy Note 8 is quickly approaching, on August 23, but it still isn’t here yet. If you need to buy a phone, the next-best thing for Samsung fans right now is the Galaxy S8+. Here’s what Note fans should know about choosing to go with a Galaxy S8+ today, or potentially waiting to see what the Galaxy Note 8 offers.

What the Galaxy S8+ offers that Note fans will like

Since the Galaxy Note 8 isn’t out yet, we have to look at what we do have: the Galaxy S8+. Since the Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung has offered a larger version of its leading Galaxy S device that works as a stepping stone between the mainstream Galaxy S and the all-in power-user Galaxy Note — and the Galaxy S8+ is once again just that.

The Galaxy S8+ offers a lot of what Note fans have historically liked.

Those who bought a Galaxy Note in the past for its big screen and big battery won’t be disappointed with the Galaxy S8+ in many respects. The super-tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio and tiny bezels let Samsung fit a really big 6.2-inch display in the GS8+, as well as a hefty 3500mAh battery. The GS8+ also has many of the physical design elements that actually debuted on the Note 7, like the more subtly curved display glass and symmetrical

Article originally published at: Android Central