T-Mobile Buyer's Guide: Everything you need to know

T-Mobile Buyer's Guide: Everything you need to know

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Check out what T-Mobile has to offers.

T-Mobile is the third largest wireless carrier in the U.S. with over 72 million subscribers. It provides nationwide voice and data coverage using GSM and LTE technology, primarily on bands 2, 4, 12, and 66.

T-Mobile offers unlimited talk, text, and data plans for individuals and families and carries all of the latest phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, as well as the LG G6. Since T-Mobile only offers one kind of postpaid plan, things are a bit pricey, but T-Mobile’s got solid coverage and decent extras that make it worth it for you to switch.

Here’s what T-Mobile has to offer.


Postpaid unlimited plans

T-Mobile has just one postpaid plan: T-Mobile ONE. The carrier does not offer plans with tiered amounts of data, nor does it offer a true “family” plan; instead, every plan features unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as Music Unlimited, and the only difference in price depends on how many lines you have on your account.

Note: T-Mobile claims that you have unlimited 4G LTE data, but a small percentage of users, once they hit 30GB per month, will be throttled to slower speeds, and even then it’s only likely to happen during times of congestion.

For a single line, it’s $70 per month; two lines is $100 per month ($50/line); three lines is $140 per month ($47.50/line); and four lines is $160 per month ($40/line).

Keep in mind that those prices don’t include monthly payments on devices.

Everything you need to know about T-Mobile’s unlimited plan

Prepaid plans

Keeping things ever-simple, T-Mobile offers only a few prepaid plans: $45/month for up to 4GB of 4G LTE, unlimited talk and text, and unlimited 2G data, as well as $55/month for up to 6GB of 4G LTE. Each plan also gets Music Unlimited, which lets you stream

Article originally published at: Android Central