These are all the ways you can save data and monitor your...

These are all the ways you can save data and monitor your data usage

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Check how much data you’re using and control how it’s used with these simple tools.

Most people don’t need an unlimited data plan. With contract data plans offering up to 10GB per month and off-contract plans from carriers both big and small, there is a data plan that works for almost everyone and chances are using one will save you money. Add in free hotspots from your carrier or even your cable TV company and the need for an expensive unlimited plan gets even less.

Don’t pay for data that you aren’t using!

There is a small adjustment you need to make if you go this route: watching how much data you use. Your carrier will either slow your data down to 3G speeds, let you run up large overage fees or just cut you off when you’ve out of data. None of these is a great experience, and neither is buying too much data every month because you’re worried it will happen. Luckily monitoring how much data you use is pretty easy, and so is managing how you use it.

Monitoring your data usage

Step one is finding a way to check how much data you have used during a billing period. There are several ways and they are all effective. Pick the one that suits you best.

Get the total from your carrier

This is the best solution for knowing how much data the carrier thinks you have used. It’s important to realize that how much data your phone says you used might not match what your carrier says. And they are the ones who decide when you’ve used it all.

You can use the web browser on your phone to log into your account at the carrier’s website and they might have an app you can install that tells you about your usage for

Article originally published at: Android Central