These are the accessories your PlayStation VR needs right now!

These are the accessories your PlayStation VR needs right now!

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There’s more to owning a PlayStation VR than you may realize.
As gaming VR systems go, PlayStation VR has been a hit so far. The initial launch gave us a decent slate of games, but in the months since we’ve seen plenty of new titles arrive, and with triple AAA titles like Fallout 4 in VR coming it’s time to take a look at what you need to enjoy this headset long term. Outside of a fresh controller and the new PlayStation Camera, this is what you need to fully enjoy your PlayStation VR!
All-in-one stand

By the time you have the headset, camera, Move controllers, and regular DualShock 4 controller set up, it dawns on you that there are not enough USB ports on your PS4 to charge everything. This sucks if your goal is to let everything charge overnight, especially if the other outlets in your living room aren’t easily accessible. There are several solutions to this particular dilemma, but the Power A charge and display stand(about $38) is one of the better options out here.
It’s a simple stand for the headset itself, but also charges the three controllers used to fully enjoy PSVR. The controller dock lets you press down to release from the dock, and looks nice in the process. It’s a solid solution all around, especially if room on your entertainment center is limited.
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BD&A Travel Case
You aren’t always going to be playing PSVR at home, especially if you have friends who also have PS4s and want you to come convince them to grab one of these headsets for themselves. Your PlayStation VR is more than light enough for quick travel, but the lenses and display in the headset are fragile and need to be treated as such.
Carrying cases are a simple solution to your portability

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