Traveling to India? These are the apps you need to install

Traveling to India? These are the apps you need to install

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India has a thriving local app ecosystem, and you should take advantage of that.

India is now the second-largest smartphone market, only behind China. Mainstream availability of 4G and an influx of affordable handsets has led to a meteoric rise in smartphone adoption in the country, and for millions of users, their phone is the only gateway to the internet. As a result, there’s a thriving app ecosystem in the country.

If you’re traveling to India for the first time or are returning to the country, these are the apps you need to install on your phone.

Google Maps

Google Maps comes bundled with every Android phone, which is a good thing as the service is invaluable in India. Most cities in the country aren’t well-planned, and a distinct lack of road signs makes getting to your destination harder than it should be. While you can ask around for directions — most of the country is English literate — a better option is to just use Google Maps.

Google has invested significant resources into its Maps program in India, and the service is as reliable as it is in Western markets. You get easy access to live traffic information, along with schedules for public transit, the ability to download areas offline, and turn-by-turn directions. If you’re heading to a city like Bangalore, where the traffic situation is unpredictable at best and downright horrendous most days, you’re going to need Maps.

Everything you need to know about Google Maps


Public transportation isn’t the best way of getting around in India, but there’s no dearth of ride-hailing services in the country. India is one of Uber’s largest markets, and you’re likely to find a cab at any hours of the day in most cities. In the odd instance that you cannot get a cab on Uber, you can rely

Article originally published at: Android Central