Which phone accessories do you use every day?

Which phone accessories do you use every day? [Roundtable]

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These are the things we need every day.

Gadgets nerds love accessories almost as much as the gadgets they are used with, and we’re no exception. Really. You should see our Amazon order history.

But some of the accessories we use get a little more attention than the others and we really don’t want to go without them. Check out the phone accessories we rely on.

Ara Wagoner

I am a recent convert on the whole Spigen Ring fad, but I’ll admit that it does make it easier to one-hand increasingly tall and cumbersome phones. I am putting my ring on a Caseology case rather than on the phone itself, both because I am an ardent case-user and because it makes it easier to get it off when I need to take pictures.

Oh, and my most important phone accessory is, of course, my headphones. You’ll be hearing more about those next week, so stay tuned!

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Andrew Martonik

I have so many gadgets, accessories, add-ons and doodads around that I could go on for days here. But there are a handful that I can guarantee I’ll use just about every single day, no matter which phone I’m using.

On my desk, I have a Ventev 6-port charging station to keep all of my devices topped up when not in use. Rather than keep a Micro-USB cable around for older devices, I have these USB-C to Micro-USB adapters. I have so many different USB-C cables I haven’t standardized on one brand, but I do like the styling and robustness of the OnePlus Dash USB-C cables. I’m wearing my Bose QC 35 headphones all day, every day.

When I’m out of the house, I’ve taken a liking to carrying this massive 26,800mAh battery from Anker because it can charge up everything, including my MacBook Pro. I’ve

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