8GB of RAM does not make smartphones better

8GB of RAM does not make smartphones better

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In our previous article that analysed RAM management, we took a closer look at whether it made sense to use so-called RAM cleaning apps, which promise to solve problems on your phone by clearing the internal memory (RAM). But, is it really worth constantly deleting what’s stored in the memory? We found that it isn’t. Android has its own integrated mechanisms that are able to manage RAM without the need for external apps. But how exactly does Android do this?
OnePlus built in 8 GB RAM, which just doesn’t want to be full. / © AndroidPIT
To begin with, most apps function without using a lot of your phone’s resources and are usually stopped by the Android system before they are able to paralyze your phone. There are, however, always a few exceptions, which allow several services to run in the background, slowly sucking your RAM dry and emptying your battery.
Without taking into account these occasional errors in the system, there is one question to ask oneself when considering a new phone: is it really worth purchasing a device with an especially high amount of RAM? Looking at the RAM statistics of various smartphones, all of which with a similar amount and type of apps installed, I was able to observe that Android consistently works well with the hardware that is available to it. Plus, there always seems to be space left over.
That being said, the harmonious workings between hardware and software relies on the manufacturer, meaning how RAM and the Android system collaborates always differs slightly from brand to brand.
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Article originally published at: Droid Life