After a short suspension, BLU phones are back at Amazon

After a short suspension, BLU phones are back at Amazon

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BLU phones return to Amazon following recent privacy concernsAfter what BLU is calling a false alarm, products are back in stock and available at Amazon.

Hey BLU fans! After a false alarm, BLU devices are now back up for sale on Amazon. #BoldLikeUs #Amazon— BLU Products (@BLU_Products) August 4, 2017

In a press release issued shortly after Amazon suspended sales, BLU stated “that there is absolutely no spyware or malware or secret software on BLU devices” and claimed reports to the contrary were false.

Soon after reports in 2016 surfaced of BLU’s privacy blunder, the company hired Kryptowire, who had originally found the issues, to investigate the situation further. After regular monitoring of the ADUPS service, Tom Karygiannis, Kryptowire vice president, is quoted as saying “the data collection is in line with BLU’s Privacy Policy, and does not constitute any wrong doing by BLU.”

It’s still unclear why Amazon thought the products needed to be pulled, but now they’re back and readily available.

The original story is below.

U.S.-based phone company BLU is back in hot water as Amazon has suspended sales of its phones citing concerns over the security of the software loaded on the phones. Amazon says the move is in response to a “potential security issue,” though it’s not immediately clear if it stems from the same security worry uncovered in apps pre-loaded on BLU phones late last year.

Most people probably don’t have any specific brand affinity for BLU’s phones, but it has made some of the cheapest Android devices available on Amazon, which has driven sales as it competes in the ultra-low-end segment. BLU has even partnered with Amazon for a “Prime Exclusive” device that was sold with lock screen ads at a steep discount — just $60. At the time of the previous security scare it was apparently determined BLU

Article originally published at: Android Central