An introduction to the confusing world of emoji

An introduction to the confusing world of emoji

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Emoji have changed a lot over the past few years and become even more popular. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be the cause of misunderstandings in day to day communications. What is the reason behind this? Phone manufacturers like to put their own twist on the little icons, which can change the meaning drastically across platforms. Without further ado, here’s your introduction to the world of emoji.

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Emoji: a science in itself
With emoji, you can express almost any emotion, and even tell a whole story. Have you ever received a message that consisted solely of emoji? Sometimes these can be hard to interpret, since there isn’t just a single, universal set of emoji and interpretations vary by individual and by culture. Some people are hesitant to use emoji at all if they’re not sure what the meaning is, or they’re worried it could be taken the wrong way.
There are many unique versions of each emoji. / © ANDROIDPIT
In the table above, you’ll find a brief overview of some emoji across different platforms. You’ll notice almost immediately that each emoji has a lot of variations which could be interpreted differently depending on which platform you and your recipient use. The differences are especially apparent with classic smiley faces.

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Proper emoji usage is both a science and an art form.
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The meanings and pitfalls of emoji
Just for a laughing smiley face alone there are many variations. While the differences in design aren’t massive, the intensity of the laughter implied by each is changed. For example:
😀 ► A simple smiley face
😃 ► A very similar smiley face, which is

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