Do you remember which phone you had before the dawn of the...

Do you remember which phone you had before the dawn of the iPhone?

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Nothing’s changed since 2007
If you lined up every cell phone ever made, you’d see a distinct difference in the way cell phones looked in 2007 compared to phones today. There were two devices launched in that fateful January. The first was presented on January 9 by Steve Jobs, in his famous “golden path”. Since 2004, Apple had been developing devices with 1000 or so employees, and they put them on the US market on June 29 of that same year. The second device was launched on January 18, the LG (KE 850) Prada, though its design had been leaked a couple of months before. It won the IF Design Award in 2007, earning the nomination in September of 2016. Obviously, there’s controversy over which came first and LG has even gone so far as to sue Apple over it.

Since 2007, almost every smartphone has looked the same

From that moment on, every smartphone has basically looked the same: a large touchscreen, glass display, volume buttons on the side and maybe a button below the display. Here’s a sample of some of the best smartphones in 2017. They all pretty much look the same, don’t they?
2017’s year’s high-end phones. / © AndroidPIT

Opinion by Luis Ortega

Nowadays, smartphones only differ in the details. The concept is the same as it was 10 years ago.
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So… what smartphones were there before the iPhone?
One year before year zero
In 2006, the smartphone scene was ruled by a motley crew, the mini USB connector was king, some even had cables and weird adapters to connect them to a

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