Google Camera v4.4 update with selfie-flash, double-tap to zoom, and a new...

Google Camera v4.4 update with selfie-flash, double-tap to zoom, and a new toggle rolling out on the Play Store [APK Download]

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Google Camera v4.4, which first popped up in a recent Android O Developer Preview, is now publicly available on the Play Store. The new release brings front-facing selfie flash (via your screen), double tap to zoom, a toggle button for photos/video, and a slightly larger-looking shutter button. These are all small changes, but they do each give you another way to do things in the app, and choice is always good.

Video/Photo toggling.
We covered the 4.4 release when it came out via the developer previews, and it was just a matter of time until it finally hit everyone else. Individually none of the changes are that noticeable (and even together you’d probably not notice a difference), but they do add some useful behavior. Now that there is a visible toggle for switching between photos and videos It’ll be a bit easier to swap between the two. The older swiping gesture still works, but it wasn’t the most intuitive method.
The warm glow of narcissism.
The selfie-flash might come in handy in poorly-lit circumstances, though your screen might not be able to produce enough light to make much of a difference. At a minimum, though, it does make everything nice and creamy. Just be sure to enable flash to use it.

Double-tap to zoom.
We also didn’t notice it when we first gave 4.4 a try, but there’s a new double-tap to zoom feature. Just make a couple quick taps in succession on the image preview, and you’ll have an automatic 50% zoom. Do it again to zoom back out. You can also see that the ratio of white to gray in the capture button has been tweaked a bit.

Lastly, the “Camera sounds” option added in 4.3 is now called “Camera shutter sounds.”

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Article originally published at: Android Police