Google Maps v9.59 beta adds Q&A section, Picture-in-Picture support, monthly driving stats,...

Google Maps v9.59 beta adds Q&A section, Picture-in-Picture support, monthly driving stats, and more notification channels [APK Download]

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A new update to Google Maps is rolling out to the beta channel members right now, and like so many previous releases, there are a few new features to check out. First, the Q&A feature from the last teardown of Maps is live. Drivers will soon be able to see a monthly report of their behavior right inside the app. If you’re running an Android O developer preview, the first thing you can look forward to is the addition of Picture-in-Picture support. Also for Android O are a pair of new notification channels to get better control over navigation-specific information.
What’s New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)
Question and Answer section
Picture-in-Picture mode
Notificaton channels for foreground and background navigation
Monthly driving stats

Questions and answers

The v9.58 update to Google Maps brought with it a promise of a new Q&A section that would allow users to ask direct questions about a location and hopefully get back some useful responses from others that have been there before. A couple weeks later and it’s now live.
You can find the new section between the detail block (e.g. phone number, address, etc) and photos of the location, so it’s close enough to the top that a lot of people should notice it pretty easily. Naturally, there haven’t been too many questions yet, but that will surely change as more people update to v9.59.

The screens show about all there is to see in Q&A. You can browse a list of questions, and either answer them or ask your own. Questions and answers can also be marked as helpful, which basically gives them votes and likely increases their visibility.
Picture-in-Picture mode

One of the great improvements in Android O was the expansion of Picture-in-Picture mode to phones and tablets (it was previously limited to just Android TV). While we mostly

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