PixWing – Flying Retro Pixel Arcade, an enjoyable callback to simpler...

[Hands-on] PixWing – Flying Retro Pixel Arcade, an enjoyable callback to simpler times

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PixWing – Flying Retro Pixel Arcade has recently released onto the Play Store and boy have I been having quite a lot of fun with it. It is an arcade flying game that brings back a lot of fond memories of flying around in Pilotwings or Nights into Dreams. The fact that the graphics look like something that was released on the Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast simply adds to its charm.

Honestly, it has been a while since I played a mobile game that really captured my imagination. Somehow PixWing manages to do so effortlessly, all while exuding tons of charm that is obviously inspired by an earlier era that was overflowing with arcade style gameplay.
You will begin PixWing simply enough, with one aircraft playing through the first level of Aztex Falls. There are 4 levels total, and each one is split up into 9 different stages where you fly through a set amount of rings while collecting diamonds and presents. The diamonds add in-game currency to your wallet, and the presents are essentially a loot crate system. When you collect enough of this in-game currency into your wallet, you can unlock new aircraft and paint jobs. There is also a second currency of ‘tickets’ that work in combination with your wallet funds that are necessary for unlocking certain aircraft and paint jobs. You can earn these tickets through opening presents or watching optional advertisements.
When it comes to the PixWing’s controls, you will have three options available to you. The first option uses your device’s gyro sensor, which gives you precise controls that will require you to move your phone 360 degrees in order to fly in the direction you want, much like you would when playing a title in virtual reality, such as a Daydream game. The cool thing about

Article originally published at: Android Police