Lenovo Z2 Plus review: Nine months later

Lenovo Z2 Plus review: Nine months later

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The Z2 Plus is still one of the best value propositions in India.
When Lenovo launched the Z2 Plus last October, it was one of the most affordable devices to be powered by the Snapdragon 820. The variant with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage cost ₹19,999 ($315), making it the go-to phone for those looking to find the most value for their money.
Nine months on, the Z2 Plus continues to be an attractive proposition. The device has picked up a steep discount and is now retailing for just ₹10,999 ($175). By comparison, the Redmi Note 4 with the Snapdragon 625 costs ₹12,999. Read on to find out how the Z2 Plus has fared in the nine months following its launch, and whether it’s still one of the best phones in this segment.

Pocket rocket
Durable hardware in a fiberglass chassis
Most phones in the budget segment now offer a metal construction, and as there are only so many ways to differentiate when you’re using a metal unibody, they start to look alike. That isn’t the case with the Z2 Plus. With a squarish design and a fiberglass frame, the phone certainly manages to stand out.
I’m also a fan of the Z2 Plus’ 5-inch form factor. With most manufacturers settling on 5.5 inches as the de facto screen size, the market for small devices with high-end internals has been underserved, and Lenovo is catering to those customers. The smaller screen size makes a world of difference when using the phone one-handed, and Lenovo’s U-Touch gesture-based navigation system works really well. The feature is now available on Motorola devices as One Button Nav, allowing you to swipe on the home button to navigate the interface.

The Z2 Plus features a roll cage that sees key components mounted on a roll cage, with the idea inspired by

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